8×12 8mm 12mm 2M Computer Water Cooling Silicone Soft PVC Tubing Pipe Free red/blue/black color

  Color:red/blue/black/transparent,pls tell us the color you want,or will ship random.         silica gel tube inradius 8mm outer diameter 12mm red no

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Color:red/blue/black/transparent,pls tell us the color you want,or will ship random.
silica gel tube inradius 8mm outer diameter 12mm red not transparent tube quality very soft
technical parameters
product name : silica gel tube ( food grade , material )
product specification : & phi . 8mmx12mm ( inradius 8mm , outside diameter 12mm , wall thickness 2mm ) .
color : products red
temperature range : – 60 ~ 180 .
hardness : products ca 60 degree , others hardness can be according to demand customize .
product features
1 , adopt high quality product food grade silica gel raw materials and platinum catalyst system , so unique and extrusion technology made , good flexibility pole , volvulus not deformation resistance , has high tearing strength , contrast double 1724 traditional vulcanized technology of silica gel tube , bookishness product has a high degree of transparent , tasteless , none toxic , transparent high temperature resistance , low temperature , long life , long time use hard , don’t to the unchanging allochroism , yellow , don’t to the unchanging spray cream work-up .
2 , product has good physical and mechanical performance , tearing strength , for glue low protein , can be used to transport all kinds of food , beverage and all kinds of liquid , widely used in food industry class equipments and instruments .
performance products
1 , high psychrotrophic : in 180 long-term use , in – 60 are elasticity .
2 , performance : silica gel tube dielectric properties dillies , especially high temperature dielectric performance general organic rubber , dielectric strength in 20 – 180 scarcely temperature consequences , or
3 , excellent weather resistant and ozone resistance and UV irradiation performance , long in outdoor use not happen turtle dehiscent . general think the silica gel tube available in outdoor use 20 years

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Free Shipping 8×12 8mm 12mm 2M Computer Water Cooling Silicone Soft PVC Tubing Pipe

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