Universal Ultra Portable Bluetooth Laser Keyboard and mouse Wireless virtual projection keyboard for IOS Android Computer

  The second generation smart Bluetooth Laser Projection laser virtual keyboard , the whole network the latest, support mouse functions , imported Bluetooth chip . Only silver black, other col

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The second generation smart Bluetooth Laser Projection laser virtual keyboard , the whole network the latest, support mouse functions , imported Bluetooth chip .

Only silver black, other colors Remarks invalid












1 .Product Overview

Laser Projection Keyboard is a BluetoothDevice is connected to the main keyboard for desktop computers, tablet computers, smart phones , game consoles and other devices . Projection keyboard as a new input device , which uses the built- in infrared laser transmitter projects a standard keyboard work plane contour , finger tap pattern , the click position is determined by the optical recognition mode , input completion information . Laser projection keyboard no physical buttons , with the main device via Bluetooth , compact, easy to carry, can adapt to most of the work environment .





Laser Projection Keyboard Keyboard projector will outline the work plane projected keyboard . Its end would emit infrared light to detect objects such as fingers . When the object passes the infrared light irradiation area , the sensor will detect the infrared light reflected from an object . Keyboard operation is performed by analyzing the position and movement of objects






The need to avoid the following situations :


1 .Avoid direct sunlight

2 .Avoid low color temperature light source , such as tungsten, halogen or incandescent

3 .Avoid uneven or irregular surfaces , place the product placed on a flat surface

4 .Avoid like glass or mirror-like desktop or transparent or reflective surface

5 .Avoid placing anything between the host and the projection keyboard



Watch out

Because the product uses infrared , infrared easily lead to a strong external misuse, so to avoid direct sunlight or reflected local ,Avoid low color temperature light source , such as tungsten, halogen or incandescent.





This product is2Class laser products.To avoid injury , do not look directly into the eyes projection keyboardLight and infrared light .



3.Product characteristics,

 BritishQWERTYKeyboard Layout

 Portable design

 Standard KeyboardButton size and spacing, easy to operate

 No moving parts , durable use

 Built-in rechargeable lithium battery, easy to carry

 Compatible with the latest operating system: XPAnd above, Phone7And above, IOS4And above, Android 2.0And above, OS XAnd above.

4.Packing list

 Laser Projection Keyboard1Months

USBCharging cable1Root



5.Precautions for Safe Use

1 .Avoid direct sunlight and high temperatures for extended periods.

2 .Rapid change in temperature or harsh working temperature conditions there may be a malfunction

3 .Excessive pressure or damage caused by impact , not covered under warranty

4 .To ensure safety, prevent damage , we recommend using a random distributionmicro-USBCharging Cables.

5 .Do not attempt to disassemble repair, electrical damage caused otherwise not covered under warranty

6 .This product isII laser products , for safety reasons, do not look directly at the laser light, can cause eye injuries

7 .Do not place any other items between the host and the projection keyboard

8 .Do not use on uneven and irregular surfaces of the product , place on a flat surface to use , but can not be transparent or reflective surfaces , such as glass and mirror

Tips for environmental :

This device does not contain any substances harmful to human health . To protect the environment , in the demise of this product , please send the product with household waste separately , or to the nearest electronics recycling service station.


On the internal battery:

Lithium-ion polymer battery reusable:

Battery life :Sustainable use about120Minute

Capacity:600mAh (Max) @ 3.7V

Charge:Please use the standardUSBCharging cable to charge the battery

Charging time:Approximately120Minute

Note:Such devices are still in use when charging , the charging time will be extended. When the battery will run out,Please least Charge5Minutes and then continue to use

Warning :

1 .Be safe, be sure to use the specifiedUSBCharging Cable

2 .Before using for the first time , be sure to100%Fully charged

3 .Depending on the ambient temperature , the charging time will vary slightly

4 .Even charging light goes out , the battery is not necessarily100%The fully charged

5 .Or save battery may use at high temperatures, humidity and pressure environment will cause an explosion

6 .Battery is a consumable, storage capacity will be asUseTime gradually reduced

6.Part Description

1 .Keyboard projector : red laser projection keyboard imageUserPlane on the front face of the

2 .Sensor: CollectUserFingers should be reflected infrared light to locate the type of bond

3 .Infrared light : Infrared laser tube projecting an invisible infrared plane a few millimeters away from the operating plane height,So that the finger on the sensor receives the reflected infrared light.


LEDLight instructions:






Bluetooth connection process

Blue lights flash



Blue lights



Blue light

Successful connection

Blue light


Input is detected

Blue lights flash

Battery voltage is low

Red light flashes



Red light

Charging complete

Red light off






7.Bluetooth connectivity

Laser Bluetooth Keyboard

As long as the main equipmentCompatible with BluetoothConnection without having to install additional drivers

Bluetooth needsTwenty oneAnd above


Watch out


Laser keyboard is automaticallyEven backRecently connected devices , if these devices are entering RomSearch StatusWaiting for a new device is connected.



BluetoothCompatible devices

iOS4And above

• Android 2.0And above

• XPAnd above

• Phone 7And above

• OS (Using only the keyboard)




Bluetooth connection instructions

1 .Boot

2 .Left blueLEDLights flashing , indicating that the laser keyboard is searching for a new device or a device prior to a match too . Laser keyboard will automatically connect recently connected devices.

If it is a single master device, this feature is very convenient.

If the laser keyboard has reconnected recently connected devices . For matching a new device , you must first connect the device to turn off Bluetooth , laser keyboard to the left of the blueLEDWill blink again

3 .On the master device , enter the Bluetooth connection settings at the search for Bluetooth devices

4 . When the device is found"Laser projection keyboard"Click Connect .

5 .Once a successful match ,LEDLight stops flashing on and off .




iOS and Android pairing successful interfaces:


iOS interface


Android interface




8.SHIFTSpecial keysDefinition

We usually have to press and hold the keyboard in generalSHIFTKey. In order to improve the convenience and accuracy of typing laser keyboard , this product has a special usage. We only need to pressSHIFTKey once the key functionality is now retained, at the same time ,RightOfLEDLight turns blue ,SHIFTKey lock . Pressed againSHIFTBondSHIFTFunction , while the right blueLEDLightExtinguish                      


Watch out

If the right ofLEDBlue light has been expressedSHIFTKeys are locked


9.Power Save Mode Guide

• If the keyboard30Seconds without operation , the keyboard pattern dimming the display is turned off.

 Press any key to return to the standard brightness.When energized , the factory default brightness is the brightest

• If the keyboard5Minutes without operating the automatic standby Press the power button to restart

10.Parameter adjustment

>Sound Adjustment

·Altogether5Volume level . When the device switches to maintain adjustmentAfterVolume

·Increase the volume : PressFNBondWhile clickingRight Arrow

·Volume Down : PressFNBondWhile clickingLeft arrow


>KeyboardBrightness adjustment

·Altogether4Brightness . When the device switches to maintain adjustmentAfterBrightness

·Increase the brightness : HoldFNBondWhile clickingArrow up .

·Reduce the brightness : HoldFNBondWhile clickingDown arrow


11.Mouse Mode

Switching from the keyboard mode to mouse mode , click on the keyboardKeys, keyboard brightness pattern will darken , no other keys while clicking sound, which said that it has entered the mouse mode .

Switching from mouse mode to keyboard mode ,Click on the keyboardKeys, keyboard brightness patterns become bright , while clicking other buttons are normal input , which said that it has entered the keyboard mode.

+Only supports mouse/Cursor -enabled devices can use the mouse ( most, AndroidAnd OSDevices support this feature) .


Note:iOSDevice does not support mouse functions.


Watch out


If the brightness of the keyboard pattern dimmed , click the button nothing happens , make sure to enter the mouse mode . ClickYou can switch to the keyboard mode .


Mouse Mode


Only supports mouse/Cursor -enabled devices can use the mouse


Each boot default projection keyboard into the keyboard mode



Projection Keyboard



Light source

Red Laser Light

Keyboard Layout

Bond distance of about19mm, QWERT YLayout

Keyboard size

Approximately Width:240mm,High: 100mm

Keyboard position

Distance equipment about80mm

Projection surface

No extra material , opaque, non-reflective plane





Do not set the rate

Per minute350Words or more

Operating surface

Any solid flat


Electrical Characteristics




Charging Power

USBPower supply/Less than5V 500mA

Battery capacity

Lithium-ion polymer battery,

600mAh (MA X) @ 3.7V



Battery charging time



V3.0, Profile Ver 1.0

Frequency Range




Modulation formats




Environmental conditions




Temperature and humidity

0 ~ 35 ° C / 90% RH

Storage temperature and humidity

-5 ~ 35 ° C / ~ 90% RH


Appearance and weight





78mm x 40mm x 20mm









Additional information

Products Status


Number of keys


Applicable Products








And computer connection




Applicable models




Brand Name


Model Number




Interface Type




Wrist Support



Bluetooth Keyboard



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